Make Sure Your Water Is Safe to Drink and Use

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Not sure if your well needs to be chlorinated? Talk to J & M Well Drilling and Service, Inc. about well water services in Perry, MI. We'll make sure you know the signs that you need a chlorination.

Consider getting chlorination services if...

  • You've noticed the water has changed in smell, taste or appearance
  • Your well head has been damaged
  • You had a water sample that indicated your water has bacteria
  • You haven't had your well chlorinated for over a year

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Get more information about treating your well

Check out our well installation and drilling process by clicking here. Or you can click here to find out how to chlorinate your PVC well. You can also learn how to flush chlorine from your water after chlorination by clicking here. If you have any more questions, contact us or take a look at this website.

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